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Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of all city streets, storm sewers, the water and sanitary sewer systems, city parks, and city owned equipment. The Public Works Department consists of three divisions: Street, Parks and Water/Sewer. 

  • The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of local streets and storm sewer. The Street Department's responsibilities include street signs, regulatory signs, pavement markings, pavement repairs, and snow plowing. Snow Plowing - Public Works asks for your cooperation in order for the City's crew to work safely and effectively when snow plowing. Snowplowing is a demanding task to keep Spring Lake Park's street and in good traveling conditions. Please exercise caution around snow plows, keeping a safe distance.

  • The Parks Department is responsible for the maintenance of all city parks and grounds. These responsibilities include turf maintenance, field preparation, tree trimming, and building maintenance.

  • The Water/Sewer Department operates and maintains water towers, wells, water mains, sanitary sewer lines, and fire hydrants.​​​  Check out how the City protects you water by reading the City's Wellhead Protection Plan.

Sewer Back-up?

If your sewer line is blocked, call the City at 763-784-6491. Public Works can determine where the problem lies, 24 hours a day, at no charge. After hours, 4:30 PM  to 8:00 AM or weekends, call 763-427-1212.

Storm Water

The City is dedicated to providing the residents and property owners of Spring Lake Park with information to manage storm water in order to promote the conservation of our valuable water resources. 

Click here to access the City's 2018 Local Surface Water Management Plan.

Water System Consumer Confidence Report

The 2020 Consumer Confidence Report for the Spring Lake Park Water System is available by clicking here. 

Snow Plowing / Parking Restrictions
No parking is allowed on streets overnight between 2:00 AM and 8:00 AM unless signs are posted indicating that 
overnight parking is allowed. No vehicles are allowed to park on any street if three inches or more of snow has fallen within the proceeding 48 hours. Only after the plow trucks have cleared the entire width of the street, will vehicles be allowed to park in the street again.  The Police Department will tow any vehicles that are in violation of any of these regulations. 

Streets will be plowed in the most efficient manner possible. The streets in the same vicinity will typically be plowed one after another. The City has designated some streets as Priority Snow Plow Routes that may be plowed first or more often than other streets during major winter storms.  These priority streets usually have more traffic and connect major sections of the City to provide emergency access for fire, police and medical services.

1-800-252-1166 or 651-454-0002

Public Right of Way Application

Public Right of Way, Ordinance Chapter 151

Please call Xcel Energy at 1-800-960-6235 or Click here

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