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Code Enforcement

The City helps ensure the construction of safe building and protects community character through Zoning and Building Code regulations. The Code Enforcement Department administers all building, fire, rental, property, and zoning codes. They are enforced by the City of Spring Lake Park Code Enforcement Department currently consisting of one full time Building Official/Fire Marshal. Rental and nuisance inspections are also conducted by the Code Enforcement Director.

Public Nuisance / Abandoned Property Information

​Public Nuisance Code
A public nuisance is a thing, act, or use of property which endangers life, health, property, safety, or welfare of the general public. You can view the Spring Lake Park Code of Ordinances here. 

              Typical common nuisances include:  

  •     Accumulation of junk, garbage, and equipment not being used
  •     Inoperable or junk vehicles
  •     Parking on unimproved surfaces such as grass
  •     Overgrown trees, shrubs, weeds, and grass
  •     Vehicle maintenance in a residential area
  •     Garbage cans in the public right of way or left unattended
  •     Wood storage that encourages infestation

Should the complaint investigation found to be true, the property owner in which the nuisance is located will be contacted and advised of the situation with required corrections within an allotted amount of time. Failure to correct nuisance violations will result in the issuance of an Administrative Offense ticket carrying fines as outlined within the Spring Lake Park fee schedule. Investigation and correction of a public nuisance can take anywhere from 15-60 days depending on the owner cooperation.

Property Maintenance Code

The City of Spring Lake Park has adopted, by reference, the 2018 IPMC International Property Maintenance Code.  The Code establishes minimum requirements for the maintenance of existing buildings through regulations that contain clear and specific property maintenance and property improvement provisions.  Click here to access the Property Maintenance Code.

Abandoned Property

Click here to read more about the city's efforts and requirements for abandoned property and application for Certificate of Occupancy requirements.

Board of Appeals

Click here for the description and process for the Board of Appeals

Click here to view the Board of Appeals City Ordinance

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